The Best Betting Sites in Tanzania

 Over the last decade, with more internet access, more punters across Africa have tapped into the betting world. More betting companies are taking the opportunity and set up bases in various countries with reliable internet access. These companies are both international and hone-grown.

Many of these companies take their time to study the various countries they’re interested in and come up with products that best suit them. For many of them, they understand the importance of football across the continent. You’ll discover they all have one thing in common, they favor football/soccer and present events from across the world to players.

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Tanzania hasn’t been left behind and it boasts of numerous betting sites that have set their sights on the millions of football lovers in the country. The best betting companies in the country know exactly what the locals want and strive to meet their demands daily.

The top bookmakers in the country have managed to capture the attention of punters who’ve signed up for accounts and remain active members. They place bets constantly and this is how these companies end up reaping immense profits as a result.

These companies have flocked the market with very enticing bonuses and jackpots that interest the millions who have access to constant internet through their smartphones. This is why these companies also strive to create reliable and accessible mobile versions and Apps too accessible via smartphones and tablets.

Best Betting Sites in Tanzania

1. 1XBet TZ

This is an international bookmaker that has in recent years found its footing also in the African betting market. It has a strong setup in Tanzania with many locals as members on its platform. This site was established in 2011 and has since managed to get popularity and boasts of members from across the world.

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This is one of the fastest-growing bookmakers due to its great features that attract many punters to it. It has some of the highest-ranking odds enjoyed by many bettors. It is one of the bookmakers that also provide multi-live streaming together with live betting. These two features are highly sought after by players.

The sportsbook provided by this site is quite comprehensive covering many of the different sports that most bettors place their stakes on. There are also different handicaps available. They have a dedicated 24/7 customer support team ready to answer or assist you in any way.

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2. Premier Betting

Premier betting is known all over Tanzania and is one of the most successful betting platforms in the country. It boasts of wide membership from punters who remain active members long after signing up. It’s managed to capture a large portion of the market setting high standards for other companies to follow.

It was founded back in 2016 and in such a short period has short to be one of the top sites enjoyed by many users. It is licensed and regulated providing players with a safe and secure betting environment.

The official website for this company in Tanzania is They have a very impressive sportsbook with a wide range of sports. You can access this betting platform via its mobile version or the official App. On this platform, you get to take part in live betting although they don’t have live streaming available yet.

There are also virtual games, a football jackpot of $250000, and other promotions that you can enjoy. The registration process takes only a few minutes and its equally as easy to deposit funds into your new account.

3. M-bet

Established in Tanzania in 2017, it has taken this betting platform very little time to become a powerhouse in the industry. It is very well-known and has thousands of Tanzanians as its members. It has significantly impacted the betting atmosphere in the country rising to the top. The official website is

It only recently began its activities in Tanzania but has been present in other East African countries for quite some time. The most popular sport for most punters on this site is none other than football. The football culture in Tanzania is well-established something this bookmaker has capitalized on.

It has impressive jackpots that some Tanzanians have had the privilege of winning making it very popular to many punters who also want a chance to win. It is a fully licensed and regulated betting site giving punters a safe and secure environment to place their bets.

The website for this company is well-designed and easy to navigate which is a huge advantage. New punters can easily find their way around without any issues. It’s easy to register a new account and deposit funds into it too.

4. Meridianbet

This is one of the international bookmakers that have managed to establish itself successfully in Africa. It boasts of members from all across the world who place thousands of bets daily. They have a very impressive sportsbook which is one of the company’s greatest advantages. The official website for this betting platform is

This bookmaker opened its doors to punters back in 2007 and has made a name for itself in the gambling world. It has a good reputation which is why it’s managed to establish itself as one of the top betting sites in Tanzania. It is owned by the Meridian Gaming Limited from Malta.

Like many other bookmakers, it’s very easy to register as a member which takes only a few minutes. Follow this up with depositing funds into your account and start placing your bets. You not only get to take part in sports but you have access to live betting too. Place your bets on your favorite matches in real-time. Apart from sports, you can access an online casino too on this platform.

5. Princess Bet

This bookmaker was established in Tanzania back in 2016 and has since gained immense popularity among local punters. This is why it’s rated as one of the top sites in the country. It is a branch of the Princess International Group that has a worldwide presence, especially in online casinos. This betting platform is legitimate and is fully licensed by the Curacao Government.

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Every punter who signs up as a member is guaranteed a safe and secure betting platform where all their information is fully guarded. This site provides punters with a very impressive sportsbook comprising not only of traditional sports but new-age ones too. Football remains the main attraction to this site similar to many other bookmakers in Tanzania.

The official website is where you can sign-up as a member in no time and access various ways to deposit money into your new account. Placing bets is as easy as making your selections and deciding what stake you want to bet. Apart from normal betting, you can take part in live betting. Place your bets on the matches as they progress.

You can easily access the betting platform on your phone by getting the mobile version or downloading the official App. There are various virtual games you can enjoy including virtual soccer, basketball, horse racing, and dog racing.

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6. Mkeka Bet

This betting platform operates a sportsbook with numerous sports and an online casino too. It is one of the top-rated bookmakers in Tanzania priding itself as being very successful. It’s one site that offers several promotions to its users which is a great advantage.

The company is fully licensed and authorized to operate in Tanzania by the Gaming Board of Tanzania (GBT). It is easy to become a member. All you need is to register as a new user and fund your account to place your bets. There are various methods you can use to fund your new account. The same simple process for deposit is how you withdraw your winnings too.

The main website for this platform is Football is the main sport enjoyed by many punters who place bets on the hundreds of matches available from all across the world. Apart from this, you can take part in live betting and place your bets as your favorite games progress.

Mkeka bet has a very impressive mobile version that makes it accessible to the many punters who access the page from their smartphones and tablets. They also have a mobile App that you can download to your android or iOS phone today.

7. Biko Sports

The betting market in Tanzania has seen numerous local and international bookmakers come for a piece of the pie. Biko Sports is one of the latest entrants into the betting scene. Already they are making a name for themselves as a reputed and trustworthy platform.

Being young in the industry, there are still some quacks to its site that need to be tackled over time. There is a need for the site to be available in more than one language. Not all punters registered to it are versed in Swahili though it’s the main language of Tanzania.

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Only two sports are supported by this platform meaning more needs to be done to increase the size of its sportsbook. They only have soccer/football and basketball for punters to place their bets on. The one reason they remain popular is their Jackpot that many players take part in.

It takes you virtually no time at all to get an account with this bookmaker and deposit funds into it. This means you can start playing your bets in a matter of minutes. Withdrawal of winnings is equally as fast taking only a little time. This is an advantage for this site because many punters detest sites that drag the above processes.

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8. Gal Sport Betting

This bookmaker is rated as one of the top betting sites in Tanzania that has numerous punters as loyal members. They have a very user-friendly website that is easy for punters to navigate. Their sportsbook is very comprehensive comprising of traditional sports and new-age sports too.

This site has live betting that has become even more popular in recent years. Punters enjoy placing their bets on their favorite matches while they watch. They still don’t have live streaming which is something to consider.

The registration process is very straightforward requiring only a few details to fill out. The same applies to deposit funds and withdrawing winnings from your account. This is what many gamblers seek an effective betting platform. You can purchase a prepaid card to deposit funds into your account too.

They have a jackpot accessible to all members. There is also an online casino with slots and Keno games to enjoy. You also get access to virtual games including greyhounds racing, horse racing, football, tennis, rugby, and trotting.

9. Bet365

Bet 365 is well known throughout East Africa and has managed to remain as a top-rated betting platform in Tanzania. It was founded in the UK more than 2 decades ago and boasts of international members from all over the world. It has a great reputation among bettors from many different countries something it tries to maintain. Members from all over the world place their bets daily to get a chance to earn a profit from their staked amounts.

This bookmaker has a very clearly designed website that even an inexperienced bettor can find their way around with ease. You can place bets pre-match or choose to do so in-play on their live betting feature too. This is one site that has live streaming and also auto-cashout when you want to drop a bet.

Bet365 has additional features for punters to enjoy including casinos and live casinos where you can enjoy a variety of games. It’s easy to get an account by simply signing up followed by depositing money into it to commence betting.

You can opt to view this site on your phone by using the mobile version suitable for tablets and smartphones. The mobile version has all the features of the main website and you can even deposit and withdraw winnings on it. There is also an App available for free downloading on android and iOS.


The Tanzanian market is ripe and many bookmakers have already established themselves in the country. There is still room for more with even better features and promotions for punters. Still, the platforms available today have much to offer.